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Responsive concept Hidden Ltd
Responsive concept Hidden Ltd

Concept Design

Concept design for web on different devices: visualising how web presences can look, planning for ease of User interaction – upping the experience.

Web design for customisable CSS solution
CSS Solution for customisation

Web design

A view of past and present web projects: design and front-end development. Though no programmer, I hand-code CSS and Html.

UI and UX considerations
UX & UI considerations

UX & UI for the User

User Experience considerations when designing and building the User Interface help to give your site visitors a usable and productive visit.


Email design for UKfamily.co.uk
Email design for a UKfamily

Asset Design

Email design and front-end development, Flash banner ads, animated gif's, static banner ads, illustrations, photo editing and various graphic asset design & production.

Saab new 9-5 Brochure
Saab new 9–5 Brochure

Print Design

Print design – a selection of various print projects which, personally speaking, can make for an enjoyable change of pace from web considerations.

Abstract Illustration
QR Illustration

Illustrations & Logos

Boot up illustrator as a great way to relax and keep the creative juices flowing when coding for IE6, 7 & even 8 makes you want to projectile barf carrot chunks.


mobobo design process in an ideal scenario

design and web production since 1998

Designing and front-end developing since 1998 – having picked up my first HTML book in late 1997, and writing a few lines to output a basic page with "Hello World" as the title and H1, I began to put my self taught (1996) Photoshop skills to use. The first job as an assistant & art–worker morphed into a role as web designer where a small vector package (then called Future Splash) made a big impact as it evolved into Flash.

With a diverse skillset covering: concepts; wireframes; design; production; front-end developing and consulting (not a programmer) I have a wealth of experience and continually keep abreast of developments in web design theory and practice.

I've seen “Skip Intros” come and go alongside many other interweb fashions (both good and bad) while always keeping an awareness of The User and their requirements and advocating a design process that strives to meets those needs. After all without your visitors your site has no real purpose.

Having worked on mobile I now am fully behind and advocate a Responsive Design approach as a way of reaching the widest audience on their terms. Apps look great and can be a wonderful experience but designing, building, testing and managing your properties content across so many diverse OS's can quickly become a time consuming & costly nightmare. Responsive web design can simplify that process and offers many answers to the questions thrown out by a growing web enabled device landscape.

This site uses Iconic web fonts by Some Random Dude which are pretty damn wonderful – IMHO.

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Not a creative – piffle

Taking the mick out of all the webtardi piffle that does the rounds.